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Jul 11, 2010 6:30pm EDT
georgia. >> we've got good news from rockville, maryland residence. they lifted water restrictions at noon today. and those restrictions had been in place because of a broken 24- inch water main. repairs have been made out here on friday. and that lead to the extend water restriction until today. still ahead on 9news now tonight. >>> efforts to contain the gulf oil spill is contained under the way. along the gulf coast, a reason to celebrate today. we'll, plain what this is all about come -- we'll explain what this is all about coming up. >>> back here in our area, a huge effort to make things easier for our crews when 9news now returns. >>> crews say that they are making progress under the new cap that had ruptured the well and they hope that it will be completed in the next couple of days. terrell brown reports that while the work continues this evening that jimmy buffet about to give a new free concert. >> reporter: bp said that one of the two relief wells permanently to stop the gulf oil spill will be at the end of their operations. the first one is about six feet away from the
Jul 25, 2010 6:30pm EDT
ever by a maryland football team. 0-9 was painful. a loss to middleton state. no wonder why maryland would like to forget it, but no, reporters won't let them do that. last season, nightmare was the game of the choice. smith all speaking for the turfs. smith says the only thing he is thinking about is maybe. >> as far as last season, i wouldn't say we forgot about it. it is on our mind. at the same time, we're just focused on maybe. just taking one game at a time and that is exactly what we're going to do. you know, the equipmenting management -- the equipment management, everyone. we're focused on everyone right now. >> we're bringing in the big guns. brian mitchell, b. mitch will join us. and you can bet that they will not hold back. you can check that out at 11:35. up the road a little bit, the baltimore ravens will not be on camp. suffering a head injury, sergio has been hospitalized with what has been believed to have fallen down two flights of stairs. the good news, he is in stable condition. >>> nascar at indy motor speedway for the 400, not wasting any time to rub. first lap,
Jul 18, 2010 6:30pm EDT
for that information. >>> if you are headed to the maryland and delaware beaches riptides are keeping lifeguards busy from the storms. the ocean city beach patrol said they have helped 600 swimmers in distress in the past week. 40 water rescues in the past three days alone. >>> an explosion so intense it felt like an earthquake. that's how witnesses described a both explosion. one man captured this video of the boat engulfed in flames just moments after that explosion. >> they were starting the boat and something blew. >> my husband is oh, no, a boat exploded outside and that's when i ran outside on our patio and looked outside and saw the boat burning up. >> several people were on that boat. they all managed to swim to safety. cause of the explosion is under investigation this evening. >>> deadliest attack this year against antiterrorists in iraq. a suicide bomber hit near an iraqi military base. nearly 50 people were killed. it comes as the u.s. moves to withdrawal all u.s. troops. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan tonight where that country and afghanistan have
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3